Welcome to my homepage!

I am 25 years old video game enthusiast from Finland. I started playing video games when I was 6 years old and ever since this form of media has been taking most of my time. Most people recognize me from osu!, an online rhythm game where I have been a mediocre player since 2009.

I do play other games actively as well. I still enjoy playing a lot of Counter-Strike and I also like challenging myself with retro games. I especially like Contra series which I have 0 death run in Super C and 1 death run in Contra: Hard Corps. Other favorite games worth mentioning are MDK, Killing Floor, Deus Ex and Left 4 Dead 2.

Outside of video games, I enjoy doing video production, community projects and a little bit of website designing. I started making videos really young l and over the years I’ve learned a thing or two. It all started with an old version of Windows Movie Maker and now I’m using Sony Vegas to produce my visions.